Video Production Services

"The recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images"


At shepherds media we offer a wide range of video production services and cinematography as we believe promotional videos give your audiences the ability to explore beyond your brand logo and name to discover your culture and philosophy.

Product Video

As the world becomes more digital and content hungry, most people would rather want to find out more about your product and services through a video than reading about it. We employ some of the best cinematic techniques and strategies to really bring your products to life.

Event coverage

Words and pictures can’t do justice when describing how an event went, however a video bring the event back to life and keeps the memory fresh in our minds. at Shepherds Media, we understand we only have one shot to capture every moments of your event, so your event can finish but will not be forgotten.


There is never a dull moment working with our animation experts who will work with you to create or produce contents your target audience will want watch to the end.

Social media video

Statistics suggest that the average person spends about 83 minutes per day watching online videos and the global average is expected to increase to 100 minutes by 2021. Companies, businesses and Brands that don’t offer their own video contents on social media sites run the risk of being left behind in a world that take videos first. With our video content services, you will have a place in the future.

"Giving Motion to Picture"

Equipped with high quality filming, lighting and audio equipment, we have everything covered and we do our best to minimise your stress.

If you are in need of an art director, make up artist, actors or anybody else for your project, do not panic as we have many industry contacts that we can use to source the necessary people for you and your project.

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The Visuals

The recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images

Video advertisement gives your existing audience and prospective audience a reason to look through the keyhole of your company

Music Videos
corporate and social events
social media videos

More of what you need

We have all we need in-house to create your content; we’re constantly exploring the latest techniques and technology to give you the results you need.

  • Promotional

    Promotional videos can be some of the most creative, eye-catching, humorous and emotional pieces of visual content you can create today.

  • Television

    From adverts to teleshopping, or just providing a helping hand, we've had our video work broadcast on televisions around the nation.

  • Online Advertising

    Online advertising has grown into an art form of its own. Unlike broadcast, online adverts run 24/7 on a number of platforms that require different approaches.