Our services

"It's what we offer, that makes you choose us for all your needs"

Boost your presenceThe world needs to see your brand

All our services are available to aid your greatness and visibility, should you want to start a podcast, short film or even create the next Mr Porter we can help.


Photography that captures both the story behind the project and the essence of the brand.

Music & Sound Production

Birthing a variety of musical options for each client.

Video Production

Cinematic techniques and strategies to really bring your subjects to life

Aerial Photography & Videography

Aerial shots provide a unique perspective.

SEO Optimization

Increasing the visibility of your brand on the web.

Digital Marketing

Connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Web Development

Where functionality meets creativity.


Great package design has a huge impact on the success of your brand.

Graphic Design

Following creative discovery, initial sketch concepts of your ideas are produced.

"The Shepherds Way Of Life"

You have the what, how, and why inside you. We just need to bring all this incredible value to the surface, and package it into a clear strategic direction.


Our approach

We challenge organisations to reassess the way things are done. Together we build your brand, define the positioning, and create how consumers can experience it. Meaningful thinking becomes tangible through design and behaviour-changing creative ideas.

Abandon assumptions

We enjoy digging. We do our research. We speak with advocates and cynics and bring the latter on board. We let conversations take us to the natural storytellers and get under the skin of the issue.

Discover the simple human truth

We pinpoint what angers, excites or stirs your audiences. Then we define brands, campaigns or creative that will attract attention and result in the right experience.

Create positive disruption

We like to make a little mischief. We work with you to understand the right level of positive disruption we can create for your brand. We get you noticed; we shift attitudes and change beliefs.

Deeper thoughts

By digging deeper, by questioning further, by unearthing new insights we give our clients a different and valuable perspective.